“…reaching the lost and feeding the multitudes.”

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of CJM to continue to reach into County Jails in MN, 80 in all; sharing the Good and life changing news of Jesus (2nd Peter 3:9). Our Mission is accomplished by sharing original music (For the debridement of spiritual and emotional wounds), so that then the Holy Spirit may begin the healing process. The music is interwoven with personal testimony that is not unlike their own, which creates a relatability and understanding that Jesus Loves them right where they are, (Acts 10:34), and only desires a personal relationship with them. During every service each person is given the opportunity to repent and receive Salvation through Jesus Christ, and in spite of me, still 9 out of 10 receive, with heads up, eyes open and hands fully in the air!! Though the majority of the ministry is done within the confines of block walls and steel doors, its positive reach is far and wide into the communities that we all live in. Sadly the number of incarcerated who are parents is in the 90 percentile, and studies indicate if we do not reach these Moms and Dads now, their very own children are in that same percentile to be incarcerated one day themselves. I have been blessed to see, many times over the amazing results of being part of this Ministry which God has called me to do: The recidivism rate has lowered in many cases, and those who were once hopeless & broken are now respected members of our communities, with healed families, businesses, and some even working in ministry


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