“…reaching the lost and feeding the multitudes.”

Thankyou, and Keeping you updated

Hey All, as some of you know that have visited our new web site, we have changed things up a bit. Understanding how important it is that the body of Christ stay connected and informed, we were thrilled to no end when my friend/co laborour/ and board member Steve Culley took on the task of building the ministry a website that would do just that. with all things though, there can be a learning curve; and myself not being the most computer literate, it is taking me some time to learn this new system. Our goal is to keep everyone updated daily with our Mission travels using short video clips and blog messages. My old computer proved to be a problem in this process, so praise be to God He enabled us to earn the funds to purchase a new one; also we received a gift in the form of a flip camera and software. This all being said, about the time all the peices came together I got into and am still in a very busy time with our Mission travels; and I dont plan on slowing down any time soon.
I thought while I had a late night/early morning minute I would update you on at least the last week. I had a 3 day trip planned for Alexandria Mn and planned on staying with my friends at Firestarters Ministries, but when I realized that I could be with my family all of those days if I drove up and back, I decided on that instead; so off we all went together. I ministered at Catalyst Covenant Church on Sunday morning, then Alexandria Covenant Church for their Celebrate Recovery group on tuesday evening, then turned around and headed back to Alexandria on Tuesday with my friend George Gibson of the R3 Collaborative for the Minnesota State Programmers Conference. Get this! This is so amazing: after 6 or so years of traveling into Mn Jails, CJM was invited in to give an hour long presentation at the Minnesota Sherriffs Association Programmers Conference. Myself, George Gibson and our dear friend Beth leaf, who also sits on the board of directors for CJM did the presentaion. We were able to explain the vision God has given us for uniting each county in the state utilizing my 84 Jail tour, the R3’s data base, and local Ministries that are already doing a good work in their own area. The data base houses resource info to help inmates get their lives put back together the way God intended after reentry into the community. We explained that through my travels and with the cooperation of each Sherriffs/Jail office, we would be able to establish a statewide network of like minded Christian leaders/volunteers with inmate reentry and discipleship as the focus. These leaders would populate the data base with the resources from their own communities, work with inmates while still incarcerated helping them acheive a goal plan, and then come around the inmate after reentry with the resources available, to help them acheive their set goals. We explained that one of the problem areas that this system would fix is a common situation where an inmate is incarcerated in a county other than the one where he or she lives. an example: Cody is incarcerated in Koochiching County Jail in the extreme north end of the state, but lives in Nobles County at the extreme south end. Normally, even if a Christian volunteer is working with Cody on the inside, when Cody is released and returns to Nobles County ,chances are without the resources and Godly guidence, Cody will give up on himself and be back in jail in a short amount of time. (I know this one from personal experiance) There are many volunteers around the state, but they are not connected as well as they could be and sharing resources. With this system, the volunteer, even before Cody’s outdate, has already contacted another of the volunteers that are working with this data base system; but this volunteer lives and works in the Nobles County area, has already reviewed Cody’s needs and goal plan provided through the shared system, and is ready to help when Cody arrives. Anyway’s, we believe the presentation went well. This is God’s vision given to us and we believe God will finish this thing He has started. That was Tuesday evening, we stayed in Alexandria that night and Im back home right now, but Wow, 2:00AM!! I have to be up shortly to start preparing to hit the road again today. Im heading to Rochestor Mn and have a busy schedule lined up. Please check out my upcoming events and the ‘Recovery Tour’ Poster on this same page;  as maybe you live close enough to join us at one. I will  have my wife Jamie, my daughter Raegyn, and my 7 month old baby boy Jeremiah with me as well on this Recovery tour; and am so thankful to God we can be together. Id love to introduce you to them. Thankyou for your prayers, thoughts and finacial support. JESUS IS LORD!!!  God Bless you all.


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