“…reaching the lost and feeding the multitudes.”

Sweetly Broken (Covered by Cody James)

I was in SW Missouri recently, and met up with my friend and bandmate guitarist Shane Bennett at his house/awesome little cabin tucked waaaayyyy back in the woods. We were hanging out,fellowshipping, and since I always bring my Mathews Bow and a target with me when Im on the road, we even did a little shooting; Shane with his handmade longbow. We had a little work to do to prepare for our then upcoming concert the following Saturday night at a Christian Nightclub/outreach called ‘The Salvage Yard’, so out came the guitars. Since the weather was so warm we decided to sit on his porch and run through songs. The sun had almost completely set in the west, casting a golden glow on Shane’s cabin, the trees, the rocks, everything; and like an epiphany I realized that this was one of those moments where the cares of the world had melted away and I was fully aware of God’s presence in everything. This was one of those moments that beyond a shadow of a doubt I knew was a gift directly from my Father in heaven. Due to my friend Steve Culley giving me a flip camera to chronicle my times on the road doing Ministry, and having my amazing daughter Raegyn with me to run the camera, we were able to capture a little piece of the moment. I thank Jesus I’m able to share it with you. God Bless, Cody


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