“…reaching the lost and feeding the multitudes.”

Hello world!

In an effort to keep you up to speed on what is going on with Cody James Ministries we have revamped our website. The new site will allow me to blog about “the latest” news with the ministry as well as post new pictures and appearances. We will try to post much of the information on our Facebook Page; but the new site makes it more convienent for those that are not on Facebook. There will be an option at the bottom of each post that allows you to share the post in you favorite social media, such as, Facebook and Twitter.

With that being said…here’s the first post to get us started:

This year closed with
a ministry trip to Joplin, Mo.
(site of the terrible tornado)

The trip’s activities concluded
with a New Year’s Eve
concert for my brothers and
sisters at the Salvage Yard!

Thanks to Radial Burn
Photography for their amazing
work capturing photos for the
new album during this trip.

~ Cody


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